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We appreciate the professionalism and promptness.

Dr. Bill D. | August 2019

McCardel Restoration did such a great on my project, I would highly recommend them anytime to anyone needing restoration work. I am very, very pleased.

Judy S. | July 2019

We were very pleased with the quick response from McCardel Restoration the day we discovered the flooding problem in our basement. Everyone at McCardel was great and the work performed was excellent.

D. Jordan | July 2019

McCardel Restoration did great work when a pipe broke in my uncle's basement on a cold holiday weekend. The family was away but they cleaned, fixed, and disposed of the water damage in a timely and efficient manner. Kelli himself was very professional and on the job.

Jon S. | February 2019

Wonderful group of people, responsive, friendly got the mess from a burst pipe cleaned up unbelievably fast so we wouldn't have to worry a second longer. Reliable, conscientious, old school values. Refreshing to see this in our day and age.

Garrett T. | February 2019

Although I have had numerous insurance issues, I have nothing but good to say about McCardel. I especially want to thank Steve for all his help. The individuals I dealt with were courteous and efficient. Their work and the ensuing cleanup was impressive. I highly recommend them.

Yvonne E. | September 2018

To all the McCardel People, working with you all has been a wonderful experience! We're delighted with the repairs in our home, and my husband and I are extremely grateful for all you have done for us! Thank you so much!

Julianne J. | July 2018

I was completely satisfied with my experience and I would definitely refer a friend to McCardel Restoration.

Jamie N. | April 2018

Amazing company with amazing leadership! Always puts the client's needs first.

Scott L. | April 2018

I was very happy with the whole experience and I am happy that I chose McCardel Restoration.

Mary B. | March 2018

What a professional and courteous company it was a privilege to have them work on our insurance claim!

Kevin L. | March 2018

I hired McCardel Restoration for mold remediation work in my attic. They were very professional, understanding and easy to work with. Also, fair & competitive pricing. Good communication and progress updates throughout the entire process. I would do business with them again.

J.C. | February 2018

I want to compliment you and your team, I LOVE how well our kitchen was organized. I appreciate all the hard work that was put into our home by your group, in fact, I just recommended McCardel to a neighbor after telling them how impressive your company is! We couldn't be more satisfied with the work performed to get us back into our home. Thank you again for all your help and your support during a very tough time.

Sandy R. | January 2018

McCardel Restoration provided me with phenomenal service when I experienced a loss in my home. McCardel shares my vision of how customers should be treated by providing excellent value and service. Their crew arrived promptly after hours, assessed the situation, and respectfully explained the process in a courteous, professional manner. Knowing I was working with a third party; they went above and beyond by communicating the next steps and expertise specific to my project. They treated my home respectfully by maintaining a clean and safe work environment for my family after each visit. I would definitely recommend McCardel Restoration to my friends and family should they need their services.

Paul D. | November 2017

Work is great! The company is great! Our bathroom flooded and McCardel Restoration was on the spot within a half hour. Thank you so much for your quick response time. We were able to get back to work in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks again.

Shannon T. | October 2016

The staff were nice and showed compassion when we had a fire. They took a lot of stress off my hands. Great company.

Rebecca H. | September 2016

McCardel Restoration has been very professional and very easy to work with. The biggest thing in my line of work of property management is having a company that can respond quickly and one that also communicates. McCardel has done both on multiple occasions. It is never a good situation to be in when a catastrophe or emergency hits, but this company helps make it an easier one.

Ben C. | August 2016

I would refer McCardel Restoration to a friend. I was completely satisfied with the finished product and how they presented themselves in a friendly and professional manner.

Joseph D. | May 2016

Great Experience(s)!! Very professional & knowledgeable. I've had 2 separate water issues (unfortunately), but as bad as they were McCardel knew exactly what to do and got everything cleaned up in a very timely fashion. Both water issues occurred off-hours and both times the crew showed up in less than 30 minutes! I would highly recommend!!

Nate R. | March 2016

About 15 minutes before closing time, the hot water hose into the sink at my salon ruptured. For about 5 minutes scalding hot water poured all over my floor and under walls into my breakroom and dryer area. I finally got the water off and started squeegee patrol and I called the owner. He told me to call McCardel Restoration because he knew they did good work like this. Vince and Waylon arrived within a half-hour and got to work. Who knew that water could damage so much but they had all these high tech dryers and dehumidifiers that they set up so we could still conduct business while they tried to save most of our equipment. Long story short, we are back in business with minimal interruption and I'm impressed that a company focuses on this kind of disaster recovery. Thank you!!

Kimmi C. | May 2015

Thank you McCardel Restoration. Just before a Grand Opening on a new home, we had a mishap. A single call to them brought an instant solution, crew, and equipment. They monitored everything which allowed us to make the show in "showroom shine" condition.

Mike L. | June 2014

I contacted McCardel after sustaining an injury to my front porch. They were quick, professional, and easy to deal with. They took care of almost everything with my insurance company in the process. He even sent someone to meet with the city inspector when I was out of town and couldn't do it myself. I didn't have to do much, which worked just fine for me. I would definitely use them again in the future if I needed further restoration work.

Jordan R. | August 2012

For all of your restoration needs contact Matt or Joe over at McCardell Restoration, they know their stuff and do the work the right way!

Ductz Air Duct Cleaning of Mid Michigan | May 2011

McCardel Restoration was prompt, reliable, honest, efficient, and pleasant. I was happy with their work.

Ernie, Michigan Brewing Company | December 2010

McCardel Restoration was effective, efficient, and met our needs. We were very pleased that we did not have any downtime.

Larry, MPHI | October 2010

McCardel Restoration was prompt, from start to finish the job was fine with no problems.

Susan, MCC | September 2010

We had two schools that were damaged, one was busted sprinkler 4-inch pipe, and our middle school was vandalized. Kelli the owner of McCardel Restoration and his company did an outstanding job. They were prompt, dependable, and trustworthy. We were very happy with their work. Instead of being out of school for 2 weeks, we were only out for 3 days.

Billy, Director of Facilities and Operations | September 2010

McCardel Restoration was quick to respond, and they were extremely thorough.

Dale, Chief Operating Officer, Spicer Group | July 2010

McCardel Restoration Saves the Day! Our house completely burned to the ground. Our whole family was devastated. The staff came in and took care of everything. Amazing work!

Missy H. | June 2008

Exceptional Job! McCardel Restoration did their job fast and efficient. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Anonymous | August 2007